Social Activities

Attention to compassion

The Taizé in Amsterdam community wants to be involved in society through various activities. But why is it so important that we do this? What are we doing it for?

Acts 2: 42-46 and Acts 4: 32-36 describe the life of the first Christian community. We read in these verses that this community shared everything together. We as a community are also called to take care of each other. Sometimes it can seem difficult to see how the other person is doing. But in practice this can also be very simple by talking to someone like that, but sometimes this can also be done simply by sending someone Whatsapp or Facebook message. ☺

I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink … I was trapped and you have visited Me … What you have done to the least of the mines, you have done to m
e (Matthew 25).

Being an important part of a community is caring for people in need. It is important that we help our own members, but we are also called to help the “unknown” fellow man. Questions that play in society should therefore be given a place within the community. It is therefore important as a community to befriend all kinds of people who address their questions to us. For in the man who asks, the question of the Eternal lies hidden. In our society there are people who ask for help. Think of refugees who are here now and have an uncertain future, or perhaps that man who asks people for a coin every day. It is important that we pay attention to these people and there are many more cases to be mentioned.
We as a community must not walk around these people with a bow. It is important that we see these people standing up and committed to this, this is the heart of the faith community. The core of our faith is love.

You can help us with this!
Now we may be getting to the most important thing. Taizé in Amsterdam is just like that first Christian community. We want to be able to share everything with each other, we want to hang out. But you need your help! As we have already read above it is important to see to each other. But we can also use a few hands to help social activities.

Do you want to help? If you see something that you think needs to be done with it, please talk to Gerben, Arjete, Raisa, Renate or Roderik or email