As Taizé in Amsterdam, we are building the movement of trust
started by Frère Roger.

We do this by being a safe place for young people, where a positive atmosphere is paramount. With silence and music we create beauty in a troubled world. This allows us to come into a deeper connection with ourselves, each other, God and the world around us.

We discuss important topics with young people that are very different. We also undertake social activities, such as a meeting with elderly or Muslim youth, a meal for refugees or evenings about sustainability. In this way we broaden the movement of love and trust.

Everyone is welcome at our monthly celebration and dinner and music evening. The other activities are aimed at young people up to the age of 35.

Upcoming activities

18 April 2024
  • Inclusiviteit Gesprek

    18 April 2024 @ 18:00 - 21:00

    Op deze avond zullen we na een maaltijd verder praten over inclusiviteit. De vorige 2 diensten hebben we ook al met elkaar over dit onderwerp gesproken en nu zullen we dieper in het onderwerp duiken. 
    Deze avond is een onderdeel van dit onderzoek:
    Wil je mee eten, mail dan naar Ook voor verder vragen over het onderzoek kan je hiernaar mailen.

    On this night we will continue our discussion about inclusivity. This is something we talked about the last two prayers as well. This evening we will go deeper in the subject.
    If you want to join for dinner mail to Also if you have more question about this topic, let us know via this mail adress.

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2 May 2024
  • Taizéviering Amsterdam

    2 May 2024 @ 18:00 - 21:00
    Nassaukerk, De Wittenkade 111I, 1052 AG Amsterdam, Nederland

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    17:00 Samen opbouwen / build up decor

    18:00 Maaltijd / Dinner ( €3,- )
    19:00 Themagesprek / Theme Conversations
    20:00 Taizéviering / Taizé prayer

    aanmelden voor eten 

    Sign up for dinner at

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