Who we are

Taizé in Amsterdam is a youth community in the heart of Amsterdam, housed in and around the Nassau church. Together we reflect, search for silence in the turbulent Mokum. We dream of unity, peace and justice. And we seek out what matters to ourselves, the other, the city and the world.  We do this in a new, opinionated and creative way. We base ourselves on the Taizé spirituality, coming from the ecumenical fratricidal community in France.

Taizé is a small town in central France, where about 100 brothers of different denities – from Catholic to various Protestant origins – from almost 30 countries live together and pray with eachother. Young people are welcome to stay there for a week (or longer). They find peace, silence, simplicity and deepening. And they can meet other young people from all over the world. Questions about peace, trust, religious and social engagement are discussed. In addition to the communal prayer services, singing, silence and discussion groups you participate in in Taizé, you are also expected to contribute to community life. This can be done in various ways: cooking, cleaning and washing dishes, but also: giving workshops or making music.

In our youth community of Taizé in Amsterdam we try to follow their example in miniature. Bottom-up, from what lives and plays with us, we seek each other out, we listen to each other, we laugh together, we offer a helping hand and we set up events.

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