Taizé celebrations

Every first Thursday of the month there is a Taizé celebration with the location of the Nassau church in Amsterdam.

A Taizé celebration can be seen as one big prayer, in song form. Taizé songs are sung, short fragments of music on text, which repeat themselves over and over again. This way you can get to the deeper meaning of the songs and let them speak to you. A Bible text is read out without a sermon. There is also a long silence of about 8 minutes, during which you can unwind, or you can think further on the Bible text. During the celebration there is the possibility to light a candle. In terms of décor, you’ll find a sea of warm ones: colourful orange canvases, icons and candles sparkle you on entry.

Prior to the celebration, there will be a theme conversation at 19:00 to meet and exchange experiences on faith and life questions. We then reflect on the daily text, often that is the Bible text that is on the grid in Taizé itself that day. Then at 20:00 there is the celebration to sing, meditate and unwind. Finally, for those who want the drink with coffee, tea, wine / beer, juices and snacks to chat, make friends and meet fellow seekers in the city.

When? Every first Thursday of the month.
What time? 18:00 meal, 19:00 Theme talk, 20:00 Taizé celebration
Where is it?De Wittenkade 111, Amsterdam
What is the damage? Voluntary contribution